How to choose the place for a fireplace in the home?

Frequently buying or creating a new home design we include a place for the location of the fireplace.

It is generally invested in so-called. living room or living room. The more difficult thing, if you desire to have a house with a fireplace. Quite difficult to find the right place. There is then guided by what you want, but how and where it should from a technical standpoint fireplace to be. You should just go for some concessions. The most important is the strength of the floor. The place where we are planning to installation of the fireplace should make sure that the weight of the fireplace – an average of about 600 kg – will be maintained. The second thing to keep in mind that access to the flue should be adequate and located in the vicinity of the fire. Putting a fireplace good specialist will tell you that the room in which it will be mounted should be fresh air from the outside. And finally, all that remains is to prepare a place for development, the lack of electrical and hydraulic equipment and proper protection of the floor with non-combustible materials. Rearrangement of furniture location to a new acquisition does not interfere with communication at home. Done.

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